The Art of Magic

“Unforgettable Show” - Toronto Star

Canada's top magicians!” - Snapd Magazine

Have your mind BLOWN by Toronto’s top magicians at a vibrant art gallery!


After 9 SOLD OUT Shows…

The Toronto Magic Company has partnered with the Super Wonder Gallery to bring back The Art of Magic for TWO NIGHTS

On Wednesday June 19th and 20th, join us for an evening you’ll never forget!

Prepare for the most impossible night of fun in Toronto!

It starts with an amazing art gallery experience followed by an unforgettable show with 4 fantastic performers!

This is a night you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

At 7:30PM The Gallery of Wonder opens. Enjoy delicious drinks, music, and close-up magic as you take in the incredible art around you.

At 8pm SHARP the show begins, starring some of Canada’s top magicians as well as rising stars.

Note: This is an intimate magic expirience with only 70 tickets available. Like all of the previous Art of Magic shows, this event will sell out.


Our Performers

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Scott Hammell

Scott has been entertaining professionally since 1998. In the nearly two decades since, the four-time Guinness World Record holder has hung upside down from a hot air balloon while locked in a straitjacket and chains, dangled by his ankles and juggled for over a minute and a half, successfully completed a card trick while skydiving, and jumped from an airplane while blindfolded and handcuffed.

He has performed Houdini’s famous milk can escape, juggled live explosives, and has been shot at with a sniper rifle and caught the bullet as it ricocheted off a steel plate that hung around Scott’s neck.

Scott has traveled the world performing in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and Australia. Whether it’s a royal sheik in Abu Dhabi, a prime minister in Malaysia or a group of village elders who don’t speak English in Kenya, Scott always brings his passion for his art, and is excited to share it with you at The Art of Magic!

Harry Zimmerman

Harry Zimmerman or The Wanderer is one of Toronto's best kept secrets. He is a conjuror of the highest order, plucked right from the streets of New York in the 1920's. Join Harry as he brings the audience into a brand new world of laughter, amazement and mystical charm.

A rare experience of interactive magic to delight the senses!

Harry Zimmerman’s sophisticated, live show with coins and cards revolves around art, money, gambling and ESP. Created for adults yet suitable for kids, each performance is designed to deliver an intimate experience to blow your mind



Jonah Babins

Jonah is the Co-founder of the Toronto Magic Company, and that's the least interesting thing about him. He's performed in Toronto, L.A, New York and is returning from his 100+ show tour. He runs the #1 rated podcasts for magicians on the planet having interviewed and discussed magic secrets with the best in the world reaching a quarter of a million downloads. Rest assured you're in good hands to have a GREAT time!

Ben Train

The host of The Art of Magic and one of the founders of the Toronto Magic Company, Ben is one of Toronto’s busiest entertainers. He has performed all over the world, including Canada, the United States, as well all across Europe, and he has a weekly show at Dave and Busters Oakville. When Ben isn’t on stage he’s busy creating magic for other magicians with 2 books and 3 DVDs of original magic for sale all over the world.


There are only 60 tickets available each night for this show, and once they’re gone… THEY’RE GONE!!

Get yours before they disappear!